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Characters for Hire, LLC is the largest premium entertainment company specializing in pure high quality live costumed entertainment, located in the heart of Times Square in New York City serving over 25 major cities worldwide. Characters for Hire wants to make sure your event is spectacular; the staff of over 2000 professionally trained actors throughout the world perform interactive theater in full costume doing combative stunts, interactive storytelling, acrobatic performances, dueling stunt shows, and exceptional staged musical performances.

We can provide your corporate or private event with crime fighting heroes, exceptionally talented fairy-tale Princesses, Celebrity Impersonators, Broadway style musical revues, Science Fiction Themed Events, Holiday Parties, Pirate events, Little People at your next sweet 16 event, Leprechauns for St. Patrick's day and hundreds of other unique themes.

No matter what the theme, from small to large theatrical productions including Hollywood props, special effects, lighting and sound systems, we can do it all for you! Special options are available for all budgets.

When it comes to costumed entertainment

We bring the stage to you™

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DISCLAIMER: Please note, we do NOT provide trade marked or licensed characters.  It is NOT our intention to violate any copyright laws and trademark infringements. All of the characters we offer are GENERIC and are NOT to be confused with licensed characters. Our characters are not affiliated with any corporation or trademark and we make no attempt to market them as such.