High-flying action! Edge-of-your-seat danger! Thrills, chills, and excitement! Don’t try this on your own! The spectacular art of the Hollywood stunt team comes to your party, family, or corporate event!

These Hollywood stunt characters can definitely liven up your event. Let’s turn boring to excitement with our Characters for Hire ℠.

Hollywood Stunt Show

The art of the Hollywood stunt crew is to create the illusion of death-defying danger for the camera. This requires great skill and careful preparation. Not to mention courage that approaches the degree of foolhardiness and complete disregard for personal safety.

But despite the reputation stunt people have for risking their lives. And, the appearance of pure chaos for the sake of a great shot. There is actually great care taken in planning every stunt and precision choreography involved in each shot.

There are various stunt shows that we offer in addition to the Hollywood version. For instance, if you want the action adventure type where our actors go into action mode. How about your cowboy stunts where we break everything but the camera.

You can’t forget about those daring ninjas as they sneak up on their enemies. Lets go back to the medieval times of Robin Hood and Richard the Lionheart. It’s not just men with heavy armor, it’s a world of swords, spears and daggers.

With over 5,000+ actors, Characters for Hire ℠ is the most complete, reliable and trusted entertainment company in the U.S.

Hollywood Stunt Show for Hire

This level of dedication results in a spectacular, yet safe entertainment and interactive theatrical experience. Perfect for birthday parties, bar- or bat-mitzvah, communion, or graduation party.  As well as for your guests at a wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, or corporate picnic or team-building function.

As pure entertainment, our trained professional stuntmen and women will enact death-defying feats. Inspired by such thrilling action-adventure films. Your guests will thrill and gasp as they see jaw-dropping action in true Hollywood style.

For an enlightening educational experience, the performers will actually explain how the stunts are done. This step-by-step demonstration will show the careful preparation and concern for safety that goes into every stunt.  We will set up a stunt in which the guests will feel the thrill of actually being at a Hollywood stunt show.

Hollywood stunts are something only a few people have the courage and skill to do, but they are something that everyone can get a big kick out of!

Hollywood Stunt Show Options

The Hollywood Stunt Show must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Please read the contract carefully for safety information.

ROAMING CHARACTERS – Perfect option for characters roaming your event and interacting with guests.

INTERACTIVE THEATER – Want more than just a meet & greet? Give your event a boost of color with our interactive theatrical shows.

ACROBATIC STUNTS – Professionally Choreographed Dance, Acrobatic Stunts & More.

PROFESSIONAL STAGE SHOWS – This option includes lighting and sound, professional scripted show, special effects, professionally choreographed stage show.


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Characters for Hire can provide an experience your audience will never forget. No matter what the theme, Characters for Hire, LLC can provide you with event ideas that will leave your guests stunned and amazed. Start scheduling your event by giving Characters for Hire a call today.

Why Choose Us

Characters for Hire ℠ is headquartered in the heart of Rockefeller Center we have a combined entertainment experience of 25 years and we’re fully insured. Hoorah!

25 Years Experience!

Memorable Entertainment!

4,500 Performers!

Fully Insured!

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“Just a quick “thank you”for helping arrange a character to come to my Dad’s 60th surprise party this past weekend. It was a huge hit, and my Dad had a BLAST. The actor in costume was hilarious – speaking – funny – with everyone, dancing, giving hugs, posing for pictures, picking up my Dad in a bear hug and bowing to my puppy, who was dressed as a Princess! If we ever need another character for any party or occasion, you’ll be the first we call! I’m happy to write a letter of recommendation or website testimonial, whatever you need! Thanks again so much – it was a huge hit and everyone loved it!!” Aly C.

“Characters for Hire did an amazing experience for my son’s birthday. They were very personable and the costumes were excellent. Could be better versed in the storyline but not everyone is a fanatic. The actors were professional and I would hire again for another event should the occasion arise.” Don J.

“I decided to hire 4 characters from Characters for Hire for my son’s 5th birthday. The children were all fully engaged for the full hour of training as well as the combat scene at the end. I was extremely pleased with the level of professionalism from all of the actors and the authenticity of the costumes, mannerisms, and voice sound alike from every character. This was a party that the children and parents will be talking about for a very long time. It was worth every penny and more!!! Thank you Nick! You are doing an amazing job and I truly appreciate the time you always set aside for the many, many hours of phone calls and emails with me to make sure everything was the way I wanted it! You went above and beyond and I highly recommend this company and the professional actors that work for you!” Renel C.

I would like to thank you and your actors for giving my son the best birthday ever! OMG I can not express my appreciation. When the kids saw the characters come out and perform, They were blown away! The actors were so professional and worked very well with the children. Xavier S.

I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help and support with Max’s Birthday party on Saturday. We greatly appreciate how accommodating and professional your entire staff was. I must say that everyone was very impressed with just how fabulous the show was. You guys did an amazing job and Max was very happy!” Frida W.

“On very short notice Characters for hire provided awesome entertainment for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. People can’t stop talking about the great entertainment!!! Thanks NICK!!” Geoff G.

“These guys did a great job. Costumes were excellent, the actors stayed in character throughout and they were great with kids. Would hire again. Communication and confirmation prior to event were top notch as well.” Srihari H.

A very VERY special thank-you to our “Actor” and Andi. Both were exceptionally professional and Andi, especially, went above/beyond – I didn’t realize how much I’d need her assistance and she jumped in so willingly. Both of them really represented you guys so well. We’ll certainly be calling you again if/when we ever need more character help. Y’all run a great show and we’re thrilled to have you as a resource! Alisa W.

“Hired characters to come to my son’s 5th birthday party. The kids loved it and made it a memorable experience. He battled them and then they all took turns taking photos with him. It wasn’t cheap by any means but in my opinion, it was worth the cost. Definitely a great alternative to the magician/clown options out there for kids entertainment.” Chuckles W.

“The event would not have been a success without the participation of you and your team. I look forward to working with you again soon!” Nicole G.

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