5 Reasons to Hire a Medieval Stage Show for Your Event

Entertainment can make or break your event. Whether you’re planning a holiday party, a birthday party, or a corporate promotional event, you need memorable entertainment for all your guests.

If you’re looking for a universal crowd pleaser, consider a medieval stage show. Actors dressed as knights can battle with swords and armor to protect actresses dressed as damsels in distress. Your guests will watch and cheer and feel like part of the action.

Here are five reasons why you should hire a medieval stage show for your event.

1. It Appeals to a Large Audience

Based on how many worldwide events and products are connected with the Middle Ages, it’s clear that many people love this time period and the fantasy realm associated with it.

There are more than 50 annual Renaissance fairs in the United States alone. At these fairs, people can dress up like medieval townsfolk and watch period-style concerts, jousting, and other events. There are also Renaissance fairs throughout Europe in countries like the Netherlands, Greece, and Croatia. In fact, you’ll see medieval-style events just about everywhere you go. You’ve probably heard of at least one medieval dinner theater in your area.

There are also dozens of popular movies made about this time period, including:

A Knight’s Tale
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
First Knight
Your guests grew up with books like Lord of the Rings and Eragon and played video games like Stronghold and Medieval: Total War. Some of them may have even participated in medieval-style live-action role play.

Looking at the success of medieval products and events, it’s clear that people of all ages are interested in medieval characters. Guests of all backgrounds will enjoy watching and interacting with noble knights and beautiful princesses at your event.

2. It Helps You Decide on a Theme

Choosing a theme can help your event stand out and stay in the minds of your guests. By booking medieval-themed entertainment, you have a ready-made theme for your holiday party or
corporate event.

You can easily incorporate the medieval theme into other aspects of your event. For example, you could host a banquet-style dinner, print invitations on scrolls, or decorate with castles and dragons. If you’re planning a birthday party, you could include medieval-themed activities. For example, guests could try to remove a toy sword from a Styrofoam stone.

Hiring live actors will add the icing on the cake to your epic medieval party.

3. It’s Exciting and Action-Packed

If you want to truly entertain and amaze your guests, a medieval stage show is the ideal choice. Your guests can watch noble kings send loyal knights to protect the kingdom. They’ll cheer as knights in shining armor clash swords in an epic battle.

The medieval actors can even involve your guests in the action. For example, they could knight the birthday boy. They could help the groom save the bride. They could even let the CEO cast the final blow to defeat the villain.

This type of eye-catching entertainment will dazzle just about everyone on your guest list.

4. It Provides an Educational Experience

Perhaps you want an event for your corporate party or your child’s birthday party that’s about more than mere entertainment. Medieval stage shows can become educational opportunities as well.

For example, perhaps you want your guests to learn more about the medieval time period or history in general. Live actors can provide an educational experience that’s much better than what your guests will get from books or lectures.

Medieval shows provide other kinds of lessons, too. The chivalry demonstrated by the knights can encourage birthday party guests to get along. Are you holding a corporate training event? The loyalty and bravery that the knights demonstrate could encourage employees to work hard and take risks.

Plus, scholars believe that watching theatrical performances can improve our creativity and empathy. Seeing a live production can help us relate to other human beings and sympathize with their struggles and emotions. This is especially true when the actors are up close and personal with the audience.

5. It’s a Family-Friendly Activity

If you’re inviting families to your event, you need something that appeals to adults and kids alike. Casino-style games are fun for adults but not kids, and clowns are great for kids but not for adults.

However, a medieval stage show is something the entire family can enjoy together. No matter your guests’ age, they’ll love the action and intrigue of fast-paced, live entertainment.

If you need entertainment for your event, a medieval stage show might be just the right choice. Book with Characters for Hire today and we’ll help you create an event your guests will
never forget.

We also offer many other kinds of live entertainment, including dance shows, auto shows, and stunt shows. Call us today at (800) 348-5800 to request the right entertainment for your event.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Please Guests of All Ages

As your wedding approaches, you realize how difficult it will be to entertain all your guests. You’ll have guests of all ages, including children, and you want them all to have a good time. How can you plan entertainment that pleases everyone?

By using any of the following entertainment ideas, you can put together a wedding your guests will always remember.

1. Dance Show

Dancing is part of most weddings, so there’s nothing special or unique about it. But have you ever considered using professional dancers to kick off the dance? Dancers can choreograph a routine that fits your wedding’s theme. For example, they could break out into a hip hop or Latin dance.

Imagine the excitement among your guests if you use the dance show as your couple’s dance. You and your future spouse could join the professional dancers on stage and take part in the routine. Or, you can ask the professionals to include your guests by teaching them how to dance to a particular song.

2. Campfire

If your wedding reception is outdoors, a campfire offers a cozy touch. Families can roast marshmallows at the campfire and make their own s’mores. This is a great idea for anyone who wants a unique dessert aside from wedding cake, and your guests will stay toasty while they help you celebrate.

3. Stage Combat

Children and adults alike will enjoy watching a thrilling combat or stunt show at your wedding reception. Themes could include:


When you hire trained actors for this event, you’re guaranteed a great performance. The actors may even invite guests to take part in the act. Your little nephew won’t ever complain he’s bored when he gets to fight with pirates at your wedding.

4. Broadway Revue and Celebrity Impersonators

If you want to add Hollywood-style entertainment to your wedding, hire a professional acting team. They can perform a Broadway revue with numbers from some of your favorite shows. You could even request an actor to impersonate your favorite celebrity or movie character.

Your guests may have made significant sacrifices of time and money to attend your wedding. Make their attendance worthwhile by wowing your guests with a professional-quality show. Before you send out your invitations, you could ask for your guests’ preferred celebrities to help you decide which impersonators to hire.

5. Auto Show

If you’re a fan of exotic cars, rent them for your wedding. Find a company that rents out your favorite cars, like a Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or Lamborghini. After greeting you in the reception line, guests can walk around and view these amazing cars.

Add to the auto show by hiring a few actors to portray movie spies (think James Bond). Everyone at your event will be dressed formally, so why not create an exciting theme to help everyone stay enthused until they leave?

6. Stunt Show and Parkour

If you want your guests to see something they’ve possibly never seen before, hire a professional stunt group to perform. Stunt people can stun and amaze your guests with death-defying flips and jumps around your venue.

7. Fireworks Show

Your wedding will be the talk of the town when you plan a fireworks show. Perhaps you could incorporate the fireworks with the end of the evening, when you and your new spouse ride off to your honeymoon. A professional fireworks company can design and choreograph unique fireworks displays.

8. Western Celebration

Do you have a deep love for the Old West and want to include it somehow in your wedding celebration? A professional Western stunt show can help your guests feel like they’re on the Western frontier. Professionals can dress as cowboys and cowgirls, lawmen, and outlaws to give the air of old-timey romance during your special event.

9. Medieval Ceremonies

If you’ve found your knight in shining armor or your true princess, use that ideal to entertain your guests. A medieval theme for your reception will keep your guests entertained, and the pageantry of knights, tournaments, and medieval chivalry, loyalty, and courtesy will tell guests the everlasting story of you and your partner’s love.

10. Holiday Show

Planning a wedding during the holidays? Bring the seasonal spirit into your celebration by making your reception match the holiday or time of year. Whether you want fall décor, winter trees, or twinkling lights, you can have the perfect holiday show to commemorate your day and appeal to every guests—regardless of his or her age.

Whichever theme or venue you choose for your wedding, make sure your wedding day is a day all your guests enjoy. Use one or more of these entertainment ideas and create a wedding that sparkles and shines.

Characters for Hire offers professional actors, dancers, and stunt people to make your wedding truly magical. Contact us today to book your wedding entertainment.

Planning a Corporate Event? Why You Should Entertain With Parkour

Employees, executives, and potential donors alike expect good, quality entertainment when they take time out of their personal lives to attend a business’s party or event. Interesting events keep your employees happy, your investors interested, and your business ahead of the rest.

When you plan an event, your main goal should be to avoid boredom at all costs. To make your event unforgettable, you must have good food, interesting topics of conversation, and, most importantly, fabulous entertainment.

Fortunately, you have all sorts of options available to you for fun, high-quality entertainment-so many options, in fact, that you might have a hard time narrowing them down. Below, we’ll tell you why you might want to consider parkour for your next event. This engaging sport has a fascinating history and is fun for anyone to watch, no matter how old or young they are.

How Did Parkour Start?

Many people think parkour is a recent invention. After all, the sport didn’t really become popular worldwide or turn into a household word until the invention of YouTube in 2005, a platform that made it easy for viewers across the world to watch videos of people running up walls and leaping over fences.

Thanks to YouTube and other media, there’s hardly anyone in the States who hasn’t seen a video of someone doing parkour-or who hasn’t tried to do parkour themselves. You can find references to parkour throughout today’s pop culture, from cold opens of the sitcom “The Office” to action sequences in the James Bond film “Casino Royale.”

However, parkour actually dates back to the early 1900s, and it stemmed from a much more serious event than you might think.

After World War I, a French lieutenant named George Hebert traveled throughout the Caribbean and Africa. During his stay on the island of Martinique, he lived through a volcanic explosion that destroyed an entire city and killed tens of thousands of people. He worked with the locals to evacuate survivors and found himself entranced by the way the locals moved fluidly over obstacles to quickly pull survivors from the rubble.

During the rest of his travels, Hebert paid particular attention to people’s movements, noting that many cultures walked more smoothly and with more agility than Europeans, whose movements he considered too stiff and formal.

When he returned to Europe, Hebert created an entire military training regimen that soldiers in France trained with for years afterwards. His method incorporates obstacles and requires trainees to swim, jump and climb to familiarize themselves with potential battlefield situations.

How Did Parkour Become a Popular Sport?

Since parkour stemmed from search-and-rescue operations and military training, it’s not surprising that it took until the 1980s for someone to transform it into the sport it is today. A French veteran named David Belle returned to his hometown after training and, with help from friends, transformed his military training into a sport so intricate and beautiful to watch that it basically constitutes an art form.

When Belle and one of his friends who helped him develop parkour, Sebastian Foucan, started to drift apart, Foucan moved to Great Britain and started to establish the sport there. Today, Belle’s version of the sport is one in which you move from object to object as efficiently as possible. Foucan’s version usually incorporates more flips and creativity, and he refers to it as “free running” rather than parkour.

Foucan appears in the opening scene of 2006’s “Casino Royale” to showcase the sport he helped create. Daniel Craig’s James Bond pursues Foucan’s character across rooftops in Madagascar and follows him as he leaps from the top of a crane onto building materials dangling from its hook. Foucan then scales the crane and weaves his way back to the ground.

In the film, Foucan performs all his free running stunts himself (Daniel Craig performed many of his character’s free running moves himself as well). If you’re interested in parkour, give the opening scene of the film a watch-you’d be hard-pressed to find a better representation of the sport.

How Does Parkour Work as Event Entertainment?

When you hire parkour performers or free runners for your event, you can expect to see an elite group of highly trained individuals perform gravity-defying actions. Depending on where you hold the event, they could scale freestanding pillars, leap over stairways and up walls, or do flips as they leap from one area to another.

Parkour is a great choice for a fundraising event or a publicity stunt-especially if the performers come to the event wearing an outfit that makes them blend in with the crowd, like a business suit. At a given moment, they’ll leap into character and start to perform wildly fascinating movements. Their energy is entrancing for anyone nearby and is sure to garner huge cheers.

If you do hire someone for parkour entertainment, you’ll likely want to be in a larger venue or an outdoor area where performers have enough space to move around and run quickly.

Interested in hiring someone to do parkour or free running at your next event? Get in touch with us to learn more about our performances and rates.

4 Unexpected Office-Party Themes-And How to Pull Them Off

Office parties are a staple of work life, whether you work at a busy factory, a retail store, or a traditional office. Office get-togethers allow employees to mingle in a relaxing atmosphere, and they reward success and recognize achievement.

Despite the chance for company-funded fun, though, many people dread office parties, thinking of them as boring or an encroachment on their personal time. You can turn your next work event into a celebration everyone will want to attend by picking an unexpected theme and executing it expertly. Use the themes and tips below as inspiration.

1. International Spy Society

Do you want to infuse your party with excitement and intrigue? Make everyone in your company a spy for the evening! Deliver invitations in manila envelopes marked “Confidential” in red. Assign everyone a code name that corresponds to the table where they should sit. Inform guests to dress in either fancy, near-black-tie attire or casual “undercover” wear.

Once your attendees arrive, keep them well fed and entertained. Set up a photo booth with disguises and secret agent props: sleek sunglasses, mustaches, and trench coats. Hire a caterer to prepare and serve platters of tasty, bite-sized hors d’oeuvres, and set up a bar that serves mixed drinks (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

Finally, don’t forget about the atmosphere. Choose a venue where you can display a few rented sports cars for guests to admire and use as a photo backdrop. You could also hire stunt performers to enact a scene that feels straight out of a spy thriller.

2. Old Hollywood Glamour

If you want your party to be a bit fancier than a typical work day, plan a party that feels like a movie premiere in the early days of Hollywood. Guests will come in suits or dresses to walk a red carpet into a grand ballroom where the big event takes place. Mark assigned seating with personalized “Walk of Fame” stars on each chair.

Every guest should feel like a film star or a Hollywood big shot at the event-but they should also be able to mingle with real stars. Hire celebrity impersonators, and make sure guests have a chance to take pictures and get autographs.

Since it’s a movie premiere, make sure you show a movie. If you prefer a light-hearted atmosphere, have each department or team create a short film. Give out awards for “Best Screenplay,” “Funniest Performance,” and other categories. Or, if you’d like to maintain decorum, show a slideshow of office photos from the last year and include filmed remarks from the managers and executives.

3. Knights of the Round Table

Have your entire office take a step back into medieval times with a party that recreates the Middle Ages. Decorate with medieval pennants in deep, rich colors. Hang chandeliers, and set up long banquet tables filled with delicious foods: turkey legs, meat pies, cheese cubes, rolls, stews, and brothy soups. Don’t forget to offer cider and beer as well!

Give guests a chance to mingle as they move between various activities, such as:

Fake stocks people can put their head and arms through for a picture
An archery range where they can channel their own knight skills
Face painting station for young and young-at-heart attendees
The main event of the evening should be a performance by actors trained in stage combat. Dressed in suits of armor and elegant dresses fit for royalty, they’ll enact a dramatic story of kings and queens, lords and ladies. The action and romance will appeal to every member of your audience and cap off an adventure-filled night.

4. Monster Bash

Are your employees over the traditional winter holiday party because that season of the year becomes so busy? Move up the end of year party to the end of October and host a Halloween celebration instead.

Costumes shouldn’t be mandatory, but if you do allow guests to wear costumes, pick a theme so they can narrow down their options. Broad themes work best. For example, the costume theme “pop culture icons” lets people dress up like athletes, actors, characters, and even politicians-but “famous historical couples” can feel limiting to those who don’t have a significant other.

Amp up the spookiness at your event with hired monster impersonators as well. They can mingle with guests as Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, zombies, and witches. You can even request that they set up a small haunted house walkthrough for guests who want a thrill.

Even though Halloween is all about candy, make sure your guests have some hearty food to eat in addition to buckets of sweets. Set up a soup bar, and let people try bisques, chowders, stews, and other varieties to their heart’s content. This meal option is a great way to accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian eaters. For dessert, bring on the pumpkin. Serve bread, cookies, pie, or dessert bars infused with this seasonal favorite.

The list above should prove that office parties don’t have to be stuffy, boring events that your employees dread. Think outside the box and host an event that will have them wishing office parties happened every month.

Celebrate Success: How to Make Your Next Corporate Party Unforgettable

Each year, your company hosts one or two corporate parties to honor your employees and reward them for the hard work they do. But planning a corporate party and making it a complete success seems like a difficult task to accomplish.

Whether this party is the first or tenth you’ve planned for your company, you could always use a little help. Below, we provide you with a few tips you can use to make your next event truly remarkable and absolutely unforgettable.

Create a Plan for Your Party

Before you take any big steps for your next event, you need to form a plan. Like any business event, you need a strategy beforehand so you can stay on schedule and on point with the entire event.

As you create a plan for your party, ask yourself the following questions:

What time of year will the event be held?
Is this event part of a holiday celebration?
Who will attend the event? Just employees, or both staff and their family members?
How extravagant should the party be?
What things do you want to see at the event?
What items shouldn’t appear at the party?
Answer each of these questions, then write everything down on a piece of paper. Or, you could keep an electronic document on your computer. Use this plan as your guideline so you don’t stray from your goals.

Set Your Budget

Once you have an idea of what kind of party you want to throw, you need to set a budget. Work with your company’s financial advisor and the head of the company if possible. Figure out how much money will be devoted to the party so you know what elements you can afford to include.

Setting a budget can help keep you on track, and it also gives you a good idea of what the company would like to see at the event. For example, smaller budgets may mean that the event should be cozy and modest, while larger budgets can indicate that the company wants luxury and extravagance.

As you meet with the appropriate individuals, also ask them for their opinions on how they want the budget allocated. While you may think more money should be spent on food and decorations, the company head may want to spend more of the budget on party favors or gifts for the employees. All of this information can help you make the most of your set budget.

Pick a Theme

No matter when you hold your party, you should pick a theme for it. The theme can make the planning process much easier, and it gives your company’s employees something exciting to look forward to.

You can pick themes as simple as “Summer Luau” or “Carnival Extravaganza.” Or, you can select a theme a little more unique. In fact, you could even use your favorite games, movies, or television shows to come up with a theme. Try motifs like Candy Crush to make your party one-of-a-kind.

Choose a Venue

You and your employees spend most of your time at your office, so you likely don’t want to host your party there. Instead, choose a venue that’s close to your office so you give your staff members a change of environment. Depending on where you live, some buildings are specifically reserved for parties, so they have all the necessary staff and equipment you need.

Hire a Caterer

No party is complete without good food and drinks. What kind of food do you want at your event? Do you just want a cocktail party? Would you and your employees prefer a formal dinner? Or do you prefer to have an array of finger foods set out for your guests?

Decide what kind of food you want at your event, then look into different caterers who offer the kind of food you and your employees like. If you have any staff with dietary restrictions, make sure the caterer provides different food options so everyone can enjoy the cuisine.

Include Entertainment

To top it all off, you’ll want to keep your guests entertained during the celebrations. While background music could work for smaller get-togethers, corporate parties call for something a little grander. Consider hiring party entertainment like celebrity impersonators or dance performers. When you include this kind of entertainment, you appeal to your guests’ interests and make the event much more exciting.

Send Out Invitations

You also need guests to show up to your party if you expect them to enjoy it. Once you’ve set the theme, date, time, and venue, print or email invitations and send them out to your staff members. If necessary, ask your employees to RSVP for the party.

Finalize Details

In the weeks before the event, work with your caterer, venue, and entertainment provider and finalize any last-minute details. Make sure payments for these services go out on time, and determine if there are any other steps you need to take before the day of the party.

Use the tips in this blog to make your next corporate party an unparalleled success. When you need to hire entertainment for your event, turn to Characters for Hire, LLC. You can choose from more than 2,500 characters, and our skilled actors can provide movie-quality performances. We even offer various themes that can complement your party perfectly.

No matter your entertainment needs, trust us to provide you with costumed characters that will make your celebration a hit.

Planning a Child’s Themed Birthday Party

For your child’s birthday, you want to plan something special. You want to ensure their party is a memorable one and that they enjoy every aspect of the celebration.

One way to help them enjoy their party is to find a theme that perfectly suits your child. They can be surrounded by what they love, and be able to share their interests with their friends and family. But when planning a themed party, ask yourself the following questions to help you cover all your bases.

What Does Your Child Like?

The best theme is based on something your child loves. Think about what they enjoy or talk about regularly. They may like heroes, trucks, princesses, or ponies. If they have a favorite fictional character, book, or show, you can plan everything around that idea. Or, if your child simply likes to play tea party or explore the outdoors, you can pursue that route.

What Will Your Invitations Look Like?

Once you’ve found a great theme, you need to prepare the invitations. If you can’t find premade invitations that fit your theme, or if you just want to craft your own, make invitations with the appropriate illustrations. Your invitations don’t need to be gaudy or showy; sometimes simplicity is the best course.

For an easier route, you can put an invitation together on your computer with clipart or other images and print out several on cardstock for a more official feel. You can also take to glue, scissors, and scrapbook paper if you’re feeling particularly creative. And you can use scrapbooking stickers since many have a theme of their own.

What Dessert Will You Serve?

Cake is always a great way to go, and a cake can be decorated in a variety of ways. If you’re a handy baker, you can decorate your own cake with fondant, buttercream, and other edible materials. You can also use plastic figures or objects to better dress your cake.

If you’re having a football-themed party, bake a rectangular cake and frost it to look like a football field. Use small plastic goal posts and football players to recreate an active game. But if you’re short on time, consider ordering a cake from a professional baker to save you some trouble.

However, for some themes, a different dessert may be a better idea. If you’re having a country-themed party-say your child loves horses-a pie may be more fitting. Or if you’re planning a tea party, cookies may be a better choice.

How Will You Decorate?

Decorations are a big part of a themed party. If you’ve got a tight schedule, they don’t have to be extensive, but they should illustrate the intended theme. Use props or specific colors in your decorations. For example, if you’re planning a beach-themed party, you might have beach balls or Caribbean blue and sandy brown streamers.

If you’re putting the dessert on a table for display, decorate the area surrounding the dessert with knickknacks or other items. For instance, if your party is themed around the great outdoors, you might tastefully place a couple of branches or several leaves on the table.

What Party Favors Will You Provide?

If you want to offer party favors to your child’s friends, tie them into your theme. If you’re having a pirate party, you might provide a small bag filled with chocolate coins and an eyepatch. If your child aspires to be a secret agent, you can put candy or secret agent toys in an envelope marked as “top secret.”

No matter what your theme is, your favor doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. When planning a party on your own, it’s always best not to take on more than you can handle, including extensive party favors. If you don’t have a lot of time or a large budget, keep it simple. Your child will appreciate your effort, no matter what.

What Kind of Entertainment Will You Have?

Kids are kids, and they can get bored if left with nothing to do. At your party, think about what kind of entertainment you’ll provide. Think of great games or activities the children can play and how they fit into your theme. You can sit down for tea, go on a scavenger hunt, or have a water fight.

If you want to add a unique aspect to your party, you can hire professional characters for an exciting addition. You can hire a princess to turn the backyard into a fairy tale, or you can hire ninjas for your own little ninja. You can also hire other entertainment, like story tellers or origami artists.

For a variety of characters and other entertainment, rely on Characters for Hire, LLC. We have over 2,500 characters and acts to choose from to help you with that perfect themed birthday party. Our team of professionals can help your little one make memories, and we can find the perfect fit for your celebration.