It is human nature to want to celebrate life’s events with others. Although COVID-19 had put a damper on the event industry, it is slowly getting back to its glory. As more and more event spaces are opening, people are rushing to have the most unique parties. 

An out-of-the-box entertainment experience you can offer to guests is character actors. Many people assume that party actors for hire are only for children’s events but there are several event types that we cater to. 

Kids Party 

A kid’s party is full of fun and laughter, so why not add to that with party actors for hire? There are a variety of character actors to choose from that will meet the theme of your kid’s party. 

Princesses are our most popular character for children parties as it adds to the fairytale aspect. Another mythical creature to consider is fairies. For a darker twist, we also have the very popular pirates and ninja. It doesn’t end there as we also have celebrity look-alike and professional wrestlers. 

Bachelorette Party

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are known for their scavenger hunts and strippers. However, party actors for hire is another fun and unique way to wave the single life goodbye. 

One of our most popular bachelor or bachelorette services is midget wrestling. These particular services involve little people wrestling providing live entertainment and keeping with an honored tradition from the early 20th century. 

There are also other types of characters you can have at your bachelor or bachelorette party. This ranges from literary characters, Elvis impersonators, and lookalikes. It is no wonder why party actors for hire are becoming more and more popular for wedding-related events.

Birthday Party 

Kids’ birthdays are not the only type of birthdays we celebrate. Adult parties are also a major event to hire a character actor for. You may not be looking for the same type of character actor for your 50th birthday party as you would for your child’s 5th birthday party. That is why Characters for Hire ℠ offers different characters that may be more fitting for adults such as flappers, dancers, and look-alikes.

Corporate Party

Corporate events are meant to bring coworkers together and promote company loyalty. There are several types of corporate events that your company may be planning. Some common corporate events include:

  • Trade Shows
  • Holiday parties
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Employee appreciation 
  • Award Banquets
  • Community fairs
  • Retirement parties

Having a character actor at your event will add an extra layer of fun and welcoming. Your employees will be able to let their guard down and be happy as customers will feel joy and gain trust in your corporation. 

Aside from party actors for hire we also have props and exotic vehicles for rent. These will add prestige to your corporate event. 

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