Dinosaurs For Hire

Dinosaurs for Hire SM is perfect for Corporate Events and VIP parties

Corporate events such as kids’ party entertainment, and celebrity look-alikes. Your larger-than-life stunningly realistic animatronic dinosaurs are waiting for you. We operate in over 100 cities around the world. Characters for Hire ℠ is your source for fantastic out-of-this-world entertainment.

60 Dinosaur Species Available to Rent

Characters for Hire ℠ carries over 60 various dinosaur species to choose from. They all range from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period. We have 12 warehouses throughout the world where we house our various dinosaurs. Our technologically advanced logistics handles everything from procurement to shipping of your dinosaurs to your venue.

Bring the Jurassic Period to Life

Dinosaurs for Hire SM is more than your typical dinosaur rental. These fantastic creatures are fully animatronic. And, capable of both movement and sound. Our dinosaurs at Characters for Hire ℠ realistically move their heads, tails, and eyelids. They even emit authentic sounding roars. As a result, will delight your audiences. This will keep your guests talking about their one-of-a-kind experience for years to come.

We carry over 60 different dinosaurs. From 3-foot baby dinosaurs to ones that are over 120-feet high. Because every dinosaur comes with a handler, your guests will be well-educated in anthropology.

Perfect for Upscale (VIP) Birthday Parties and Corporate Events!

We are that larger-than-life dinosaur rental. A big technologically sophisticated dinosaur for hire service. And, we’ll take you back to a time when T-Rex roamed the earth. Even providing your audience with a life-like Jurassic adventure. Filled with exquisitely-built reptilian monsters.

Dinosaurs rentals from Characters for Hire ℠ can make for incredible additions. Perfect for almost any event.

Children’s birthday parties

Wow and delight your children with an amazing birthday party. Children are crazy about dinosaurs. A Jurassic-themed birthday party may be just what you need. Give them the birthday bash of a lifetime.


Dinosaurs for Hire SM could be fantastic for school events. A great end-of-the-year celebration. How about high school graduations, or other school-centered community gatherings. Our events could even be utilized for educational purposes.


Our dinosaur rentals could also be just the thing you need. Perfect for your museum’s upcoming event. Help kids learn about dinosaurs up close. Bring in some live dinosaurs of your own.

Non-profit events

Let Dinosaurs for Hire SM make your non-profit event an evening to remember. Advertise your event with some of the highest-quality dinosaur rentals in the industry.

Grand openings

Plan a grand opening for your hotel or other business. Only the most splendid entrance will do. Why not treat your audience to a blast from the past. For instance, a complete dinosaur display that will be the talk of the city.

Promotional Events

Take your brand awareness to the next level. Host an incredible event that audiences will adore. Even more, this can be a fantastic way of spreading the word about your business. If you have an old-school sense of style, it doesn’t get much older than this.


Show attendees to your upcoming conference what you’re really made of. Because you’ll want to give them the show of a lifetime. Dinosaurs for Hire SM are among the most high-quality dinosaur rentals around.

Trade Show Exhibitions

Selecting a theme for your trade show can go a long way. Making our Jurassic exhibition memorable for everyone. Let Dinosaurs for Hire SM give you a hand.

Book Your Dinosaur Rental Today!

Characters for Hire ℠ operates in over 50 cities across the world. To begin planning your big event, get in touch by contacting Characters for Hire today.

Dragons For Hire

Realistic dragons for hire straight out of a fairytale story. A unique adventure complete with fire breathing dragons. Characters for Hire ℠ brings you the best dragons for hire.

Audiences of all ages will take delight with our animatronic dragons. They will interact with and amaze your guests.

Fire Breathing Dragons

Your next event will not be fun without our Dragons for Hire. Look at those eyes as they stare and blink at you. This is the most realistic you can get here in the United States.

Incredible Experience

Book this dragon beast now and let him roam your event. Or take a walk with him as he gives you an incredible experience.

Our authentic dragons will be an amazing addition to your corporate entertainment. Our dragons for hire will provide your guest with premium entertainment.

Perfect for All Events

Perfect for corporate events and schools. Even non-profits and museums. The list goes on, children’s parties, grand openings, promotional events, and conferences. Trade show exhibitions and Jurassic themed events are just a few more ideas.


Book the Event of a Lifetime Today!

Characters for Hire ℠ can provide an experience your audience will never forget. No matter what the theme, Characters for Hire ℠ can provide you with event ideas that will leave your guests stunned and amazed. Start scheduling your event by giving Characters for Hire ℠ a call today.

Why Choose Us

Characters for Hire ℠ is headquartered in the heart of Rockefeller Center we have a combined entertainment experience of 25 years and we’re fully insured. Hoorah!

25 Years Experience!

Memorable Entertainment!

4,500 Performers!

Fully Insured!

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“Hi, guys! (I’ll be collective to the team [grin] – I just wanted to thank everyone for helping us rock our event – hate to be all cheesy but there’s no better way to explain it – Your character was the HIT of the party (hah. party.) and my husband and his team made so many new contacts because of him – WELL worth all the planning!!!” Pamela S.

“The guys at Characters For Hire were amazing! We hired the characters for my sons 5th birthday party. The training was a huge hit! And all the guys were wonderful with taking photos with the children and making sure that no one was afraid lol. The costumes they use and the sabers all top notch! Characters for hire are worth the money tenfold, for priceless memories the kids (and myself) will have for a lifetime!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!!” Genevieve W.

“I decided to hire 4 characters from Characters for Hire for my son’s 5th birthday. The children were all fully engaged for the full hour of training as well as the combat scene at the end. I was extremely pleased with the level of professionalism from all of the actors and the authenticity of the costumes, mannerisms, and voice sound alike from every character. This was a party that the children and parents will be talking about for a very long time. It was worth every penny and more!!! Thank you Nick! You are doing an amazing job and I truly appreciate the time you always set aside for the many, many hours of phone calls and emails with me to make sure everything was the way I wanted it! You went above and beyond and I highly recommend this company and the professional actors that work for you!” Renel C.

“Characters for Hire did an amazing experience for my son’s birthday. They were very personable and the costumes were excellent. Could be better versed in the storyline but not everyone is a fanatic. The actors were professional and I would hire again for another event should the occasion arise.” Don J.

“These guys did a great job. Costumes were excellent, the actors stayed in character throughout and they were great with kids. Would hire again. Communication and confirmation prior to event were top notch as well.” Srihari H.

“Hired Characters for Hire for my daughters 5th Birthday and boy was she excited! Character was great with the kids and all had a great time! Would recommend this company in a heartbeat!” Michael B.

“On very short notice Characters for hire provided awesome entertainment for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. People can’t stop talking about the great entertainment!!! Thanks NICK!!” Geoff G.

I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help and support with Max’s Birthday party on Saturday. We greatly appreciate how accommodating and professional your entire staff was. I must say that everyone was very impressed with just how fabulous the show was. You guys did an amazing job and Max was very happy!” Frida W.

I would like to thank you and your actors for giving my son the best birthday ever! OMG I can not express my appreciation. When the kids saw the characters come out and perform, They were blown away! The actors were so professional and worked very well with the children. Xavier S.

“Just a quick “thank you”for helping arrange a character to come to my Dad’s 60th surprise party this past weekend. It was a huge hit, and my Dad had a BLAST. The actor in costume was hilarious – speaking – funny – with everyone, dancing, giving hugs, posing for pictures, picking up my Dad in a bear hug and bowing to my puppy, who was dressed as a Princess! If we ever need another character for any party or occasion, you’ll be the first we call! I’m happy to write a letter of recommendation or website testimonial, whatever you need! Thanks again so much – it was a huge hit and everyone loved it!!” Aly C.

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