For your child’s birthday, you want to plan something special. You want to ensure their party is a memorable one and that they enjoy every aspect of the celebration.

One way to help them enjoy their party is to find a theme that perfectly suits your child. They can be surrounded by what they love, and be able to share their interests with their friends and family. But when planning a themed party, ask yourself the following questions to help you cover all your bases.

What Does Your Child Like?

The best theme is based on something your child loves. Think about what they enjoy or talk about regularly. They may like heroes, trucks, princesses, or ponies.

If they have a favorite fictional character, book, or show, you can plan everything around that idea. Or, if your child simply likes to play tea party or explore the outdoors, you can pursue that route.

Kids are kids, and they can get bored if left with nothing to do. At your party, think about what kind of entertainment you’ll provide.

What Will Your Invitations Look Like?

Once you’ve found a great theme, you need to prepare the invitations. If you can’t find pre-made invitations that fit your theme, or if you just want to craft your own, make invitations with the appropriate illustrations.

Your invitations don’t need to be gaudy or showy; sometimes simplicity is the best course.

For an easier route, you can put an invitation together on your computer with clipart or other images and print out several on cardstock for a more official feel.

You can also take to glue, scissors, and scrapbook paper if you’re feeling particularly creative. And you can use scrapbooking stickers since many have a theme of their own.

What Dessert Will You Serve?

Cake is always a great way to go, and a cake can be decorated in a variety of ways. If you’re a handy baker, you can decorate your own cake with fondant, buttercream, and other edible materials. You can also use plastic figures or objects to better dress your cake.

If you’re having a football-themed party, bake a rectangular cake and frost it to look like a football field. Use small plastic goal posts and football players to recreate an active game. But if you’re short on time, consider ordering a cake from a professional baker to save you some trouble.

However, for some themes, a different dessert may be a better idea. If you’re having a country-themed party-say your child loves horses-a pie may be more fitting. Or if you’re planning a tea party, cookies may be a better choice.

How Will You Decorate?

Decorations are a big part of a themed party. If you’ve got a tight schedule, they don’t have to be extensive, but they should illustrate the intended theme.

Use props or specific colors in your decorations. For example, if you’re planning a beach-themed party, you might have beach balls or Caribbean blue and sandy brown streamers.

If you’re putting the dessert on a table for display, decorate the area surrounding the dessert with knickknacks or other items. For instance, if your party is themed around the great outdoors, you might tastefully place a couple of branches or several leaves on the table.

Polynesian Theme Birthday for kids

What Party Favors Will You Provide?

If you want to offer party favors to your child’s friends, tie them into your theme. If you’re having a pirate party, you might provide a small bag filled with chocolate coins and an eyepatch.

If your child aspires to be a secret agent, you can put candy or secret agent toys in an envelope marked as “top secret.”

No matter what your theme is, your favor doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. When planning a party on your own, it’s always best not to take on more than you can handle, including extensive party favors.

If you don’t have a lot of time or a large budget, keep it simple. Your child will appreciate your effort, no matter what.

What Kind of Entertainment Will You Have?

Kids are kids, and they can get bored if left with nothing to do. At your party, think about what kind of entertainment you’ll provide. Think of great games or activities the children can play and how they fit into your theme. You can sit down for tea, go on a scavenger hunt, or have a water fight.

If you want to add a unique aspect to your party, you can hire professional characters for an exciting addition. You can hire a princess to turn the backyard into a fairy tale, or you can hire ninjas for your own little ninja. You can also hire other entertainment, like story tellers or origami artists.

For a variety of characters and other entertainment, rely on Characters for Hire, LLC. We have over 2,500 characters and acts to choose from to help you with that perfect themed birthday party.

Our team of professionals can help your little one make memories, and we can find the perfect fit for your celebration.

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