You have decided to hire a model for your next promotional campaign and now you’re wondering how much it will cost. As with every product or service, it all depends. 

The more experience and notoriety a model has, the higher their rate will be. Models from Characters For Hire ℠ can be used for a wide range of events like auto shows, trade shows, marketing materials, and more. 


The first thing you will need to do is find models for hire. Be sure to know what your budget is before contacting an agency. 

Each agency works differently as some will have more models than others. One agency may only have a handful of models on hand while another can have hundreds. Be specific in what you are looking for. Do not make the mistake of allowing the agency to send just any model. You definitely do not want to be shocked on the day of the event when you find out that the model you’re given isn’t the perfect fit.

Online Listings

As with everything else in today’s world, you can find models online. 

When you do find an online listing platform, make sure to perform research. This includes not only researching about the platform but the selected model as well. 

The downside to researching online listings is that they can be time-consuming. It’s much better to contact an agency as you are doing the model search yourself.

Models For Free

You may be able to find a model that is willing to work for free but this can be a risk. Sometimes you get what you pay for and when you pay zero, you may get a no-show. 

It is always recommended to find models for hire instead of models who will do the gig for free. You never want to see yourself at a trade show where you heavily depend on the model and have nothing to show. If you do decide to use a free model, have a backup plan just in case.

Price Ranges

On the lower end, models may charge between $30 and $50 per hour. This typically does not include hair and make-up. This price range is a starting point and the more experienced the model is the more you will pay per hour. You will also need to hire a hair and make-up artist depending on where you found the models for hire. 

You should also consider that you may need to hire a photographer or rent equipment if you are hiring a model to do a photo shoot. 

Call Characters For Hire ℠ Today

Models for hire can do a lot to promote your brand and make sales increase. The models from Characters For Hire ℠ can play the role of a hostess, pass out promotional items, and do much more. Contact the creatives at Characters For Hire ℠ today  by calling us at 800-452-6700 or visiting our contact page

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