You have decided to throw an event and you really want to add some pizzazz. After much deliberation, you have decided you want to find actors for hire but you’re not really sure where to look. 

While finding qualified and experienced actors can be hard, it doesn’t have to be when you hire us, Characters for Hire ℠.

No matter the theme or style of the event, we have the actors to meet your needs. We will combine your ideas with our own and come up with something spectacular to ensure your event becomes memorable. 

Not only do our actors for hire do events like weddings, birthdays, and more but they can also be used for other occasions such as:

  • Marriage proposals
  • Corporate events
  • Practical jokes
  • TV productions
  • Film Productions 

Regardless of the event, we have actors for hire that can fit the desired role. We have over 4,500 actors on our roster and are able to perform in over 50 cities worldwide. 

Professionally Trained

Any actors you hire will need to be professionally trained and will need to be able to fit into any role you hire them for. This includes corporate roles that can be hard to do. 

For example, you want to scare your employees with company executives. Our actors for hire can play this role and will be able to comply with Department of Labor laws. You will not need to fret over breaking the law as our actors are aware of what they can and cannot do. 

Union and Non-Union Actors

At Characters for Hire ℠, we have both union and non-union actors for hire on our roster. So whether your production calls for union actors or those without a union we will be able to arrange the best situation for both parties. 

Keep in mind that a non-union actor cannot work on a union job. You will need to be specific as to what type of production you are planning in order to hire the correct actors. 

Corporate Events

Corporate events are some of our most popular entertainment events to do. Corporations aim to bring a happier and more welcoming environment. They attempt to do so by having team-building events and bringing in actors to spice up the party. 

Corporations also look for actors to bring an air of fun to the trade show booths. You may need an actor to add some fun to a holiday party or intermingle with guests. Finding the best actors for hire is easy when you work with Characters for Hire ℠.


Characters for hire ℠ strives to provide the best entertainment services possible. As an added benefit, every event we are hired for is kept strictly confidential. That means we will not leak details of the event or the roles we played during the event. This may not be an issue for some but certain events and people do require some form of confidentiality. Your identity and that of your guests are safe. 

Contact Characters For Hire

Characters for Hire ℠ has 25 years of experience making events memorable. We are fully insured and provide professionally trained actors. We are in the heart of Rockefeller Center and can perform in 50 cities worldwide. We will communicate with you every step of the way. Call us at 800-452-6700 or visit our contact page today for your next event.

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