If your daughter has been dreaming of her Sweet Sixteen since she was little, this is the perfect opportunity to throw her an unforgettable birthday party.

Luckily, you don’t have to look too far. At Characters for Hire, we have tons of high-scale options that we’re sure will bring your little girl tons of joy. Here’s how you can ensure her birthday is a success!

Set a Budget

Planning a sweet sixteen party can get a little crazy if you don’t set a firm budget beforehand. When creating your budget, you should sit down with your daughter so that you can tell her how much you’re willing to spend.

From there, you can hash out how you would like to allocate the funds so that you have a roundabout idea of where you would want to spend most of your money.

Secure a Venue

Depending on what time of year your daughter’s birthday is, securing a venue maybe harder than you think. For example, if her birthday falls near a major holiday like Christmas or a popular season like summer, you’re most likely going to have to plan ahead.

We recommend securing your venue before sending out any invitations so that you can avoid having to invite anyone if the venue can’t accommodate your guest list.

Create a Guest List

One of the most common mistakes that people make when planning a party is sending out their guest list too late. We recommend sending out your invitations at least three to five weeks in advance.

This way, your guests can have plenty of time to check their schedules, confirm their attendance and pick out a cute outfit!

Pick a Theme

After handling the party logistics, you and your daughter can move on to the fun part – decorations. Whether your daughter chooses an upscale princess theme or famous actors and actresses theme, choosing a theme for her party allows her to highlight and show off her personal interests.

When selecting your theme, remember to have fun, and if you find you need some help, check out our list of cool party themes.

Hire Entertainment

What’s a party without entertainment? At Characters For Hire, we offer over 3,500 talented actors who are trained to put on a fantastic show. You can choose to hire actors who are celebrity lookalikes or even ones who will make a birthday theme come to life.

Just think of how impressed your daughter’s friends will be if Katy Perry or Taylor Swift came to perform at her party? When you choose us as your party entertainment, the possibilities are endless.

Bring some flair by adding professional dancers. Even better, put on a Broadway musical revue

You can hire a character for your sweet sixteen birthday party by calling Characters For Hire at 800-348-5800 today!

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