Corporate events offer professionals the opportunity to build relationships with customers, colleagues, and industry peers. Here are a few tips to ensure that your next event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Identify Your Goals

If you can’t identify an event’s goals, then what’s the point of holding it in the first place? Whether you want to educate, celebrate, drive behavior, or improve skills, the goals of your event will shape every aspect of its planning. Your main objectives will also help you determine where to invest your budget.

Create an Itinerary That Appeals to Your Audience

Have you ever attended an event where you sat and listened…and sat…and listened…until you were just about crawling out of your skin? When you craft your itinerary, you need to think from your audience’s perspective. A ten-minute refreshment break, a networking opportunity, or an interactive group activity can all help to break up the day and keep your attendees engaged.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

The most successful events encourage online brand interaction. Encourage attendees to use social media with a pop-up photo booth, a picture-worthy location, and plenty of reminders to share your #EventHashtag. Ideally, you should focus your social media efforts on one or two platforms. For example, Instagram is popular among Millennials, while older professionals often promote business events on LinkedIn.

Ask Attendees for Feedback

Put together a short survey that you can send out to attendees within 24 hours of the event. With their feedback, you can determine what your guests enjoyed and what areas need fine-tuning. Remember to offer an incentive for those who fill out the survey, such as a free gift card or promotional item.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment!

The right entertainment choice will get people in the door and keep them engaged in your event. Fortunately, Characters for Hire is a one-stop shop for your corporate entertainment needs. Our selection includes more than 3,500 premium characters and 1,000 upscale custom event themes. Whether you choose animatronic dinosaurs, a Broadway-style musical performance, or an action/adventure stunt show, we will create a unique experience for your attendees.

To find the right entertainment for your next corporate event, call Characters for Hire today at (800) 348-5800!

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