All of us like to kick back and relax once in a while – especially for a special occasion such as a bachelor or bachelorette party. Given that this is your last night to celebrate as a single, you want to make sure that the night is one to remember for the ages.

And what better way to make your bachelor party a hit than to arrange for some midget wrestling?

We know, it sounds a little strange; but there are a lot of reasons why a few midget wrestlers might be just the thing to get your party swinging!

Courtesy of Characters for Hire, your prime source for premium corporate event entertainment, we bring you our thoughts on what some little people could do for your big night.

Every party should have a show

A bachelor or bachelorette party just isn’t complete without some live entertainment. A pair of midget wrestlers could be perfect for your party’s fun, providing you and your friends with a live show to lend some luxury to your evening.

Midgets For Hire

Stand out from the crowd

Most of the standard entertainment you see at bachelor and bachelorette parties consists of dancers, strippers, or a perhaps a live band. If you or your soon-to-be-married friend are looking for premium entertainment that is different from the usual, professional midget wrestling definitely fits the bill.

It’s an honored tradition

Midget wrestling has a long and storied history. With its origins in American vaudeville entertainment of the early 20th century, midget wrestling reached peak popularity in the 1960s while continuing to today.

Remember that when you schedule midget wrestling for your bachelor or bachelorette party, you’re doing more than booking entertainment, you’re doing your part in maintaining a rich tradition in American entertainment.

We could go on about why you should hire midget wrestlers for your event, but at this point, we believe the appeal speaks for itself. If you’re sold on having some midget wrestling at your party, give us a call!

Characters for Hire is the go-to resource for professional midget wrestling for any occasion. To book premium entertainment for your luxury event, contact us today at (800) 348-5800.

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