As your wedding approaches, you realize how difficult it will be to entertain all your guests. You’ll have guests of all ages, including children, and you want them all to have a good time. How can you plan entertainment that pleases everyone?

By using any of the following entertainment ideas, you can put together a wedding your guests will always remember.

Dance Show

Dancing is part of most weddings, so there’s nothing special or unique about it. But have you ever considered using professional dancers to kick off the dance?

Dancers can choreograph a routine that fits your wedding’s theme. For example, they could break out into a hip hop or Latin dance.

Just imagine the excitement among your guests if you use the dance show as your couple’s dance. You and your future spouse could join the professional dancers on stage and take part in the routine.

Or, you can ask the professionals to include your guests by teaching them how to dance to a particular song.


If your wedding reception is outdoors, a campfire offers a cozy touch. Families can roast marshmallows at the campfire and make their own s’mores.

This is a great idea for anyone who wants a unique dessert aside from wedding cake, and your guests will stay toasty while they help you celebrate.

Stage Combat

Children and adults alike will enjoy watching a thrilling combat or stunt show at your wedding reception. For instance, you could have us perform a Medieval Stage Show in front of your guests. Other themes could include:

When you hire trained actors for this event, you’re guaranteed a great performance. The actors may even invite guests to take part in the act. Your little nephew won’t ever complain he’s bored when he gets to fight with pirates at your wedding.

Broadway Revue and Celebrity Impersonators

If you want to add Hollywood-style entertainment to your wedding, hire a professional acting team. They can perform a Broadway musical revue with numbers from some of your favorite shows.

You could even request an actor to impersonate your favorite celebrity or movie character.

Your guests may have made significant sacrifices of time and money to attend your wedding. Make their attendance worthwhile by wowing your guests with a professional-quality show.

Before you send out your invitations, you could ask for your guests’ preferred celebrities to help you decide which impersonators to hire.


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Auto Show

If you’re a fan of exotic cars, rent them for your wedding. Find a company that rents out your favorite cars, like a Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or Lamborghini. After greeting you in the reception line, guests can walk around and view these amazing cars.

Add to the auto show by hiring a few actors to portray movie spies (think James Bond). Everyone at your event will be dressed formally, so why not create an exciting theme to help everyone stay enthused until they leave?

Stunt Show and Parkour

If you want your guests to see something they’ve possibly never seen before, hire a professional stunt group to perform. Stunt people can stun and amaze your guests with death-defying flips and jumps around your venue.

Fireworks Show

Your wedding will be the talk of the town when you plan a fireworks show. Perhaps you could incorporate the fireworks with the end of the evening, when you and your new spouse ride off to your honeymoon.

A professional fireworks company can design and choreograph unique fireworks displays.

Western Celebration

Do you have a deep love for the Old West and want to include it somehow in your wedding celebration? A professional Western stunt show can help your guests feel like they’re on the Western frontier.

Professionals can dress as cowboys and cowgirls, lawmen, and outlaws to give the air of old-timey romance during your special event.

Whichever theme or venue you choose for your wedding, make sure your wedding day is a day all your guests enjoy. Use one or more of these entertainment ideas and create a wedding that sparkles and shines!

Medieval Ceremonies

If you’ve found your knight in shining armor or your true princess, use that ideal to entertain your guests. A medieval theme for your reception will keep your guests entertained, and the pageantry of knights, tournaments, and medieval chivalry, loyalty, and courtesy will tell guests the everlasting story of you and your partner’s love.

Holiday Show

Planning a wedding during the holidays? Plan your Las Vegas style wedding with our characters. Bring the seasonal spirit into your celebration by making your reception match the holiday or time of year.

Whether you want fall décor, winter trees, or twinkling lights, you can have the perfect holiday show to commemorate your day and appeal to every guests—regardless of his or her age.

Whichever theme or venue you choose for your wedding, make sure your wedding day is a day all your guests enjoy. Use one or more of these entertainment ideas and create a wedding that sparkles and shines.

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